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Unveiling the Illusion: You Are Worthy of Love Right Now

You don’t have to be perfect, fixed, devoid of all traumas, a completely healed perfect specimen on a person before manifesting ‘the one’. Do you know why? Because ‘the one’ is the person who will hold your hand while you continue to do the work, and your relationship will be stronger for it.

Your ‘one’ will deem you as ‘worth it, just as you will deem them as worth it.

Just as you’ve likely been in previous relationships that simply weren’t worth the work – this wasn’t you being an uncompassionate person, but your higher self communicating through feeling that this person was not your person.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to do the work, always, as part of your conscious evolution on this planet, as part of knowing yourself and the universe in ever deeper ways, but it just means, you are already worthy, now, you are already whole, now.

Anything that makes you contract is a lie, anything that puts you in a state of expansion is truth.


We all go through challenges – upsets, traumas, etc, that go on to create limiting beliefs and stuck energy in our earthly mind and body.

However, we are not our earthly mind and body only, we are spirit, we are consciousness, we are a spec of god incarnated. Therefore we are always whole, always ‘perfect’, always worthy. If only we can learn to tap into this truth more regularly, we will feel it more and more in our lives and it will heal our earthly bodies of the seemingly negative things we’ve experienced.

But if we keep on heavily associating with the mind then we’ll continue to get lost in the illusion, lost in thoughts telling us we are unworthy and not good enough, that we must wait, that we must work on ourselves more, we must do XYZ before we can get the result we want.

This will keep you trapped in the loop forever.

Instead we need to learn to become the observer.
We must become conscious of the unconscious ruling our lives.
We must catch those limiting thoughts feeding us those lies.
We must acknowledge them, question them and get to the root of them – for for once they are truly exposed they cease to be.

The truth really does set you free.

And so, believe it – BELIEVE that you are worthy right now and you always have been. But more than a belief, KNOW it, know that you are worthy, whole, and complete, right now, just as you are.

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