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You know there’s more to life.

More for you to experience, have & accomplish…

BUT try as you might…you just keep getting s.t.u.c.k.

And we know how that feels because that was us too.

But we also know that you WILL get there. In fact, the question for you has never been IF you’ll get there, but when.

Well, we believe “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

You came here for a reason.

And so the question is…

“Will you make a different choice today in order to create different future tomorrow?”

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"Lucy has really helped me gain so much focus and clarity around my most important goals. She’s not only helped me create a clear plan but also to work through the procrastination and old habits that have been holding me back for years!"


"I turned to Shanti for advise when I was struggling at work. He guided and coached me through my own self development and taught me how to be more positive and achieve my goals. I am now a retail manager for a high profile retail business. Thanks again Shanti!"


"I would just like to say a big thanks to Shanti & Lucy at Quantum Intentions. They both have help me on my journey to a better way of living. My mentality seems to be on the mend and I have a better understanding towards my goals. Would I recommend these guys - hell ye. Thanks again. Peace" 🙏

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1. Download the 7 Step Blueprint 'How To Crush Your Goals Every Time'

> What you don’t know about that could cost years of failure
> How high performers really crush their goals but will rarely (if ever) tell you
> The 3 fatal traps of goal setting exposed

2. 1:1 coaching

Step into the person and life you are here to live.
> Reconnect with your authentic self
> Get clear on your life vision > Overcome your blockages > Reprogram your beliefs
> Take aligned action to manifest the life you want to live

3. Facebook group

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Hey, This is Lucy & Shanti and we have a slightly different approach to the ‘mainstream’.

Our teachings are rooted in energy – the quantum field – the way the universe works on an intrinsic level, so you can work in harmony with it, rather than against it.

BUT, as nice as this sounds, after years of trying (you know the story) it’s not always easy to change your life and master your reality and this is where we come in – to bridge the two – to facilitate deep transformation on a personal level. To help you master the inner, so you can influence the outer and reach the heights you dream of.

Because what it’s what you believe that you create.

We’re here to empower people to realise the infinite power they have over their circumstances…

Oh yes, we’re also trained coaches, partly-trained counsellors (before we switched to life coaching) and I, Lucy also have lots of business qualifications from my previous life) – read more about us here, or our coaching here.

Lucy & Shanti

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