The Difference Between The Perpetrator & The Innocent

It’s the same consciousness that permeates all of us (you may also call it god, source, light etc), but the difference is that one ie., that of the perpetrator has become distorted by mind (ego, beliefs, etc).

It’s like having a ball full of light, but that ball is pierced with holes or patterns, hence filtering the light to project outwards in different ways. Light, god, consciousness is flowing through us all (or we wouldn’t be here) but it is we who distort it and block its fullness through our preconditioned beliefs.

God is love, and anything away from this means we are in Maya, the illusion.

This is seen in the extremities of life but also in everyday life, we are all guilty of filtering god consciousness through a set of conditions and beliefs (it reminds me of the stencils we used to have as kids), in my experience so far, it seems that it is this that stops us from god realisation and from living in unconditional love on a daily basis.

In reality, we are all one.

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