Wealth is not money.

People think you need money to be wealthy but there are plenty of unhappy millionaires out there. We mean, there’s nothing wrong with money but money does not = wealth.

But we could say wealth = money

Hear us out…

True wealth is not something to be attained, it’s something you FEEL.

In fact, you can feel it, in your life – right now.

How? By finding happiness, joy and excitement in your everyday life, in your business or career, in your relationships, in your daily activities.

BUT if you’re feeling anxious, stressed or worried then these emotions do not lead to wealth.

If instead, you can find happiness, joy & excitement in your daily life then you start to embody wealth.

Because being wealthy isn’t just the accumulation of money – it’s about being happy & content in all areas of your life.

So when somebody says you should try to ‘feel’ rich in order to attract money, in fact, a better way would be to embody the wealth you already have because in doing this you create the wealth mindset.

And this will lead to true wealth in all areas of your life because you are already experiencing wealth – not just imagining you have something that you know you haven’t really got.

You see most people have a bad relationship with money – most of us have been brought up to feel bad about money, learning that we can’t have things because we don’t have enough or being told off or shamed for spending too much.

Now is the time to change that relationship.

Contemplate for a moment…

If money was a person, how would you imagine this person to be?
Tight, stuck up, aggressive?
Gentle, loving & giving?
Or something else?

In order to change your relationship with money you also need to change how you speak about it because money is just energy and can be a very useful tool that if you use correctly, can be used to create any dream you have – or help towards making the world a better place.

If you want to upgrade your relationship with money, we’ve actually created a book all about abundance & changing your money beliefs and relationship. It’s due to go on Amazon any day now so we’ll let you know when it’s live!

Shanti (and Lucy)

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