This Is How You Can Become The Stronger Version Of Yourself

If you’re ever going to create the life you KNOW you deserve then there is one thing that you MUST do. Today and every other day of your life.

And that’s become the supreme, reigning commander of your emotions.

No more excuses. Take charge, dominate them, become the badass leader, creator, achiever you are meant to be. 

It’s not easy. It’s not always pleasant. But it is NECESSARY if you are to create the life you KNOW you deserve.

Because this is what separates the mediocre (majority) to the few who create great lives.

Let’s start with this…

How many times do you allow your emotions to rule your day?

To rule how happy you are, how productive you are, what kind of a person you are?

…and ultimately the kind of results you get in your life

Whether you’re able to live your highest potential each and every day or from your lowest…

Emotions are complicated, messy, they suck you in and spit you out.

But ONLY if you let them.

See it’s all a decision.

YOUR decision.

The decision to live a better life. The life that you ARE capable of.

Because that’s all life is… a series of decisions.

And you can choose to do what’s comfortable

…choose to hang on to your emotions, crumbling in their wake

Allowing them to decide what kind of a day you’re going to have today.

Or you can choose to be the leader you were born to be. reign over your emotions

…to take what it is they are trying to show you

To learn from them, thank them and to allow their energy to continue to pass through you.

In this way, your emotions are able to do their job and support your life, rather than take over your waking (and sleeping life).

This is exactly why so many people struggle through life – because they’re unable to manage their emotions.

Which is perfectly normal. But do you want to be normal?

You can’t expect to be a master at something that you’ve never truly practised.

It’s not like we’re taught how to manage our emotions…

At least not the majority of us.

But if you want to accomplish a new level of greatness in your life, whatever that means for you…

…more financial abundance

…better health

…a body to die for

…great relationships

You need to learn how to navigate your emotions.

And that starts with a CHOICE.

Because it’s all too easy to give in to fleeting emotions

And to that little voice inside our head that refuses to budge…our ego…(we all have one)

Someone says something we don’t like.

We see something that pisses us off.

Or maybe we just woke up feeling that way…low, diminished…no energy…

It feels so natural to give in to these emotions…

To allow them to take over our minds and bodies

Until they’ve dominated our whole day

And also infected those around us…

…affecting our performance

meaning that we didn’t do that one last bit of work we needed to do to succeed

… and we didn’t give ourselves that final push to hit the gym

Instead, we decided to console ourselves by eating junk and going on a shopping spree…

That we couldn’t swallow our pride and just say sorry after an argument, regardless of who was right or wrong

And not just our waking day, also our sleep…

See when we have unresolved emotions they play out in our dreams, they make it so we have unsettled sleep…this is why you can sleep for so long and still wake up feeling exhausted.

Tip: by journaling out your emotions before you sleep it helps you to process and resolve them meaning less unsettled sleep for you.

But if we live our lives like this now, we will ALWAYS live our lives like this…

Because life is just a series of days

..a series of hours

…of moments…

Consider how much time you’ve lost to ‘feeling bad’?

What if you could get all of that time back?

How different would your life look now?

Would you have achieved your goals, your dreams?

Who knows…

But one thing is for sure and that’s this…you would be a hell of a lot closer!

But it’s not about having regrets.

Because everything that has happened to you up until this moment has happened for a reason.

If it hadn’t, you wouldn’t be here, right now, reading this, making the decision to change your life once and for all.

…so start stepping through your emotions, rather than clinging on to them.

Swallow your pride in the face of conflict or annoyances…

CHOOSE to reside love rather than fear and hate

CHOOSE to take the high road, to rise above situations, rather than getting dragged into their soul-sucking energy

Today you are born a new, if you choose.

But it must be today – right now. Not starting tomorrow because tomorrow doesn’t exist.

So what do you choose for yourself?

Do you choose to make the right decision for your highest good?


Now how do you do that?

Simple. Make the decision!!

Yep I know I already said that (many times).

But this is a really important point.

…the moment you have the awareness that something is affecting your state of mind, or that you’re just in a plain bad mood you need to downright REFUSE to give in to that energy.

You are bigger than your ‘problems’

Take a deep breath, mentally imagine yourself rising above it and the ‘problem’, or person shrinking.

Suddenly, you are a giant. You are bigger than your problems.

Your problems are tiny in comparison to you.

This is an act of mental stamina. And the more you practice this habit, the easier it becomes to not allow things to affect you.

Because if you don’t have some gateway then there comes a point of almost no return.

This is the moment where you can CHOOSE to give in to it or to rise above it.

Yes, you are CHOOSING it. You are not a victim. You have free will.

Because if, instead, you choose to give in to that negative energy it suddenly becomes 10x harder to rise above it and before you know it, you’re completely swept away in the momentum of it. Sinking deeper and deeper.

We literally get dumber the more emotional we get because our brains change.

..and suddenly you can’t even think straight anymore.

Now I’m not saying repress your emotions. I’m saying don’t get caught up unnecessary emotional drama.

The more you practice this, the less outer things will affect you.

However…something are from the inner, meaning some things are lodged deep in your emotional self, like if you have constant thoughts about a particular thing or having a ‘sore’ point that fills you with anxiety or anger each time it pops up….

These are things that at one time or another emotionally affected you and held on to them

…and now they are constantly calling for your attention, showing up on your life to be addressed, worked through and let go of…

Anyway, that’s an entirely different topic…

Having emotions is NOT a bad that unlike some self-growth authorities would lead you to believe….

We are human after all!

It’s what you do with them.

DO NOT bottle up emotions that will come back to haunt you in 5, 10, 20 years…

If it’s something you can’t immediately rise above…i.e. Something that triggers you, or affects you in some way….

…like when someone makes a comment and its ruminating in your head all day…and you can’t figure out why it bothers you so much…

FEEL the emotion, FEEL what it’s trying to tell you. What is it bringing your attention to? What lesson is it presenting for you?

….and then allow it to pass through you rather than clinging on to it.

You can allow it to pass through you pretty easy with some practice because emotions are transient.

Even though it feels like our emotions are stuck within us and we can’t shake them, it’s us holding them there

And this is how you allow your emotions to pass through you…

…by bringing your attention to that emotion and really feeling it

Its temperature, its texture, its color….

Ask yourself…

What does it feel like…is it heavy, light, hot, cold, tingly, numb, what colour is it?

The more you feel it, it will move and dissipate.

So, your final decision. What do you choose?

Life is whatever YOU create it to be.

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