The Power Of Asking For Help

One thing I’ve learnt on my journey is the power of asking for help. ⁠

See I believe that as a society we’ve been conditioned to believe that this is a weakness⁠, especially if you’re a male ⁠ – that we should be able to deal with all our problems ourself. ⁠

….How wrong this is

You see most, if not ALL of the most successful people in the world at some point have asked for help. ⁠

Whether that be a coach, a mentor, a counsellor, a psychologist etc…⁠

They realised that on their own,⁠ they could only push themselves so far,⁠ that they could only see through so much of their own bullshit.⁠

Having someone to support you and to reflect back ⁠what otherwise you wouldn’t see is so powerful ⁠that most, if not all, still have coaches & support networks to this day.

This is something that I’ve applied to my own journey and realised along the way. ⁠

If it wasn’t for the counsellor’s, coaches, mentors & groups ⁠that supported me through some of my hardest & darkest moments ⁠to some of my best…⁠

I wouldn’t be where I am today⁠ living the life I’m living ⁠and becoming the person I was meant to be⁠ so I am internally grateful for all of them. 🙏⁠

I wouldn’t have beaten my addiction and wouldn’t have been in a position to be doing what I love and helping others. ⁠

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, in fact, it makes you stronger than you could ever be on your own. ⁠

So don’t be afraid to ask for help – don’t be conditioned by society on a belief system that doesn’t serve your greatness ⁠but instead takes away from it. ⁠

And do reach out and get support whenever and where ever you can because I guarantee it will excel your life faster and greater than ever before.⁠

– 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓲

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