The Doctors Said There Was No Cure…

7 years of chronic pain.
7 years of being hardly able to walk or do anything for himself.
7 years in the depths of despair & depression.
7 years of medications.

The doctors said there was nothing they could do.

That he just had to take his time, use less energy, get lots of rest.

That this was basically his life now.

We didn’t believe them.

So we paid for consultants, private doctors, specialists…they all said the same.

& then one day I got a call

“I’ve met a woman, she says her son has the same condition as your dad & there’s a doctor who can cure it but it costs £700, do you think I should do it, or is it a scam?”.

I honestly didn’t know.

My heart felt like anything was worth a try.

But my head thought that money was already tight & what if it was just a con?

We decided to do it anyway.

& in a day, Everything Changed

..ONE day

The man that left the house that morning was not the man who returned that evening.

The person who returned was his former self – his true self, full of energy & vigour for life..

He could walk, he could even run
The joint pain was gone
The chronic fatigue was gone
The depression was gone

To me, it was a miracle.

How could such a dire situation where all the professionals said there was no cure – suddenly change in an instant?

& that’s what really started my journey.

Realising that all is NOT as it seems.

That there are wonders out there that we can’t even comprehend.

That you should NEVER ever take what anyone else says as fact.

Even if they seem to be in authoritative or professional positions.

That you should always FIND YOUR OWN TRUTH, that anything is possible.

That we all have to break the mental prisons we live in.

To stop allowing others to impose their reality on us.

Their reality is their reality, they think what they think.

To break the false beliefs programmed into us.

To peel away all limitations of what ‘cannot’ be done, of what ‘is not’ possible.

That you don’t have to buy into that.

It’s a CHOICE, even if you’re led to believe otherwise.

So, remember, whatever you’re experiencing, there is always a way.

Because miracles do happen, every single day.

Have faith.
REFUSE to settle.
DESIGN the life you want & then CREATE it.

P.S. If you’re suffering from CFS, I highly recommend you check out ‘The Lightning Process’.

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