The 4 Levels Of Consciousness

Today I wanted to share with you ‘four levels of consciousness’ because understanding this will help you to recognise when you’re operating from a lower level that isn’t serving you, enabling you to snap out of it & adopt a higher level of being.

Grasping this is truly life-changing and will help you to manifest the things you want in life as well as learning the lessons that are here to serve you.


1. ‘To me consciousness’⁠
This is when we believe that life happens to us (rather than for us), when we blame other people and events outside of us. Basically when we’re in victim mentality.⁠

2. ‘By me consciousness’⁠
This is when we get sh*t done, we hustle and we work hard to get results (we believe that’s the only way)⁠

3. ‘Through me consciousness’⁠
This is when you live in flow & ease. You’re in complete harmony with what you want. You experience synchronicities. Life is beautiful and always working out for you.⁠

You experience results with ease.⁠

4. ‘As me consciousness’⁠
This is when you no longer co-create with the universe because you realise you ARE the universe. ⁠

That every particle of energy that flows through everything in the universe also flows through you.⁠

You’ve given up the illusion of separation. You live in oneness. ⁠

And you know that life is just a mirror, a reflection of you.⁠ 💕⁠

I wanted to share that today because it has helped me a lot on my journey to distinguish which type of consciousness I am operating from on a daily basis. ⁠

See we often jump between different levels, the trick is to snap yourself out of the ones that are disempowering you & choose to spend more time in the ones that empower you.⁠

So how about you? 

Which level do you find yourself operating at the majority of the time and do you need to make any changes in any area of your life to operate at a higher one?

(p.s. The 4 levels of consciousness model is by Peter Sage & was taught to me by my wonderful mentor/teacher/coach @lenklutonska 💜) ⁠

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