About Shanti

A gifted coach & master of mindset & energy.

Hi, I’m Shanti (pronounced Shan-tie) & I’m here to help you push past your limiting beliefs, own your personal power & support you to create life on YOUR terms.

I believe I’m here to guide people to transform their lives, it’s why I became a coach.

It’s been quite the journey, I was raised by a single mother in a loving family yet I was misguided, as a youth I was in and out of trouble and turned to drugs as a coping mechanism.

At age 17 I thought I had it all – I’d secure a well paying apprenticeship and was earning more than most until I was suddenly made redundant and lost it all.

At 22 I welcomed my son into the world and had to step up to the plate but I still wasn’t out of the woods yet.

Just a few years later my addiction spiralled out of control and I was forced to make a decision – continue down that path and lose everything, again, or carve a new path.

I chose the later and have been clean ever since.

It’s been a wild journey, I spent many years lost and confused until I discovered the likes of Tony Robbins, Alan Watts and later Buddhism.

I embarked on a career helping other misguided youths whilst perusing counselling until I realised my heart was in life coaching, and that’s where its been ever since.

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