Quantum Leap Your Dream Life Into Reality 2020


Quantum Leap Your Dream Life Into Reality: 2020

Overcome Your Fears, Take Massive Action
& STOP Apologising For Wanting More!​

...All While Harnessing The POWERFUL Universal Laws

Quantum Leap Your Dream Life Into Reality: 2020

Overcome Your Fears, Take Massive Action
& STOP Apologising For Wanting More!​

...All While Harnessing The POWERFUL Laws Of The Universe

Imagine for a second…

It’s the end of the year 2020 and you’ve achieved ALL of your goals…

Really imagine it…

What does your life look like?

> Would you have that dream career or business?

> Perhaps you’d have met the ‘one’ and have the relationship of your dreams

> Maybe you’d finally have that AMAZING body you’ve always wanted

…or maybe you’d have something entirely different?

Seriously – WHAT would your life look like? 

Take a second to think about it...🤔

What would your life look like if you could NOT fail?

Well, here’s the good news…

YOU can CHOOSE whatever you want because YOU ARE the CREATOR of your own life.

This is YOUR book, your movie, you’re the writer, director and the leading role!

And why can’t you have it all? Others do. 

And anyone who says you can’t, like that little voice inside your head…well take it for what it is – just a thought – a thought based in fear.

Yep, fear is just a thought…a thought that you are observing (by the way) – which means, it’s NOT you, and so if it’s not you, YOU have the power to change that thought.

Most fear based thoughts are simply just old ‘LIMITING BELIEFS’ that you’re outgrowing.

A limiting belief that is ready to be ripped out for good

…thats ready to be replaced with a new shiny belief that actually SERVES YOU!

Because You KNOW that you were born for so much more.

And, yes, of course, some dreams, some goals take longer to achieve than others but do you know what they all have in common?

They all need you to just START.


To just take that first step.

So, let me ask you…

What would your life look like one year from now IF you started taking action towards your dreams this month?

What could you achieve? 

And even more than that, Who would you become in the process?

Would you be filled with a new sense of purpose, meaning and confidence that comes with squashing your fears and doing it anyway?

…Now what would your life look like one year from now if you didn’t change a thing?

Well, by the very fact that you’re still here, reading, you are clearly someone who refuses to just settle and someone knows that they have it in them to create MORE in life…

BUT we get it can be difficult…

Change is challenging, achieving goals are challenging because it requires us to first identify the right goals (which most people don’t do), take correct and persistent action, form new habits, overcome your fears and limiting beliefs…

And it can feel difficult to do all of that alone, we get it.

But when you reap the rewards

And who you become in the process

Its so worth it!

We believe that you CAN have it all and then some.

And if you don’t have it all yet, it’s simply because you haven’t been shown how to or given the necessary support that we all need.

That’s why we’ve put this program together, not just to help and guide you every single step of the way BUT to QUANTUM LEAP you into the life that you are MEANT TO LIVE.

Because we don’t just work with your mindset, we also work with the energy you’re putting out into the universe – so you can get in flow and alignment and work WITH the universe, not against it.

Step into who you are MEANT TO BE &
get EPIC RESULTS with our online course
& personal accountability coaching

  • Get crystal clear on your most important goals to attain the life you envision

  • Create an easy to follow step-by-step plan to achieve your goals

  • Bust your limiting beliefs and fear blockages

  • Harness the powerful laws of the universe

  • Be held personally accountable every step of the way

  • Receive unwavering support as you take the action

  • BONUS: Lifetime access to Facebook support group so you can KEEP achieving your goals even after the core coaching is over!

    > Monthly accountability checkins (for your current and future goals)
    > Ongoing support - post questions, share your wins & stay motivated

P.S. We know you’re busy, that’s why we’re delivering this 100% online so you can access it in your own time – watch the videos, check in with us – we don’t care when you do it – BUT you MUST make time every week – NO excuses! This is YOUR time to SHINE. 2020 is Yours for the taking!

What you're gonna to get...

> Online video course (8 wks + lifetime access) Value: £497
> PDF’s of key points + Weekly worksheets Value: £198
> 1-2-1 coaching over email (8 wks) Value: £849
> PLUS Bonus: Facebook group (lifetime)
Total value: £1,544
Price: £997
Price: £249
SPECIAL OFFER: Early bird access - Sign up BEFORE the 2nd of December & only pay £199!


This is deep soul-level work, at the end of the core program, you’ll have:

> Jumpstarted goals that you might have struggling with for years

> Have the habits and techniques to push through fear and limiting beliefs

> Emerge a newer, more empowered you who is winning in life!

> Be in alignment and know exactly how to work with the universal laws

> Have lifelong access to our course and Facebook community

So, No more procrastination. No more putting it off. Today is the day. Today is the only day. You deserve to have it all, and you will. What do you say?

Here’s a recap of exactly what you’ll get:

6 weeks of deep soul-level, ass kicking coaching to jumpstart you to achieving your most important goals AND overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.

Each week, you’ll watch our video as we work with you through key areas including:

> Get crystal clear on your dream life and goals
> Identify the roadblocks, fears and limiting beliefs holding you back
> Develop a step by step plan of action

> Get into alignment and flow and work WITH the powerful laws of the universe
> Receive unwavering support and accountability as you take the action

Each week, you’ll be given PDFs to complete

Each week you’ll receive a personal accountability coaching from us over email

-We want to know IF you’ve achieved your weekly goals and if not, why not…This is crucially important because subconscious limiting beliefs often pop up along the way to sabotage our success – this way we can guide you to become aware of what it is holding you back and help you to overcome it

PLUS you’ll be added to a personal Facebook group dedicated to epic goal achievement to keep you motivated and to be surrounded by likeminded people!

This is going to be life changing! Are you in?

Are you ready to commit to showing up for yourself for the next 6 weeks?

Start the New Year on fire 🔥🔥🔥 & in FULL MOMENTUM
2020 is YOUR Year!

See you inside!

– Shanti & Lucy

Meet your coaches...


Hey, this is Shanti and Lucy, we are accredited life coaches, creators and the founders of Quantum Intentions. And we are on a mission to share our knowledge and help as many people reach their full soul potential as possible!

Or more specifically…we help people to radically upgrade their life by using proven strategies to master their mindset and energy and work in harmony with the universe.

For any questions please email: [email protected]