Push past fear and move towards your goals No Matter What.

Do you ever find yourself resisting taking action towards your goals?

Like you know EXACTLY what you NEED to do BUT there’s something inside of you that just keeps holding you back from taking the damn action?!

So you label it as procrastination, laziness, maybe beat yourself up a little….

But have you really examined what’s REALLY keeping you stuck?

Do you know what I think it is…what I’ve observed over the years…

>> Fear

At the root of it, it’s fear that holds us back 99% of the time.

Fear that we’re going to fail and expose ourselves as the failures that we really are...(which of course is a blatant lie..)

Even fear that we are actually going to ACHIEVE our goals and change our lives.

Because that’s some scary shizzle.

The outcome is unknown.

And unknown outcomes can be scary, they’re unknown after all…

I mean, we don’t know how it’s going to be!

Will we like the result, or the new ‘us’?

Will our friends, family, loved ones still be the same with us? Maybe they won’t like us because we’re so successful with our goals and dreams and they’re still stuck?

Will we just fail anyway and make a fool of ourselves?

Or maybe we’ll lose ourselves in the process.

I know I had lots of these fears….fears about stepping out and becoming a better and more positive person…(because if there’s one thing negative people hate more than anything –  it’s positive people!). 

…fear about setting up my own business stepping out of the income bracket of my friends…would they resent me? Would they not like me anymore?

But all of these are just stories we tell ourselves which are rooted in one thing – fear. 

When in reality…

The only result you can get from achieving your goals is expansion and growth and finding out who you REALLY are.

That doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, act out of line, do anything ‘wrong’ or even fail.

It’s a learning process. All of it.

So, why, WHY can there be so much fear around achieving our goals?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple when you think about it.

We might be multifaceted, intelligent and I believe spiritual beings….

But we’re also humans.

Humans who’ve had to survive on this harsh planet for thousands of years with threats coming at all angles.

Life might not be like that so much anymore.

We might not have to fight life or death quite so much on a daily basis.

But we, as humans are built for SURVIVING before thriving.

And you know what any change means?

Threats. Potential threats. Red flags. Don’t do it!

It’s like the loving parent who only wants to keep you safe but at the cost of you going out and experiencing new things for yourself. We’ve all been there, whether in a parental/caring role or as a child.

As a child, you just want to explore, and your parents just want to keep you safe.

And you feel the same for your kids or loved ones.

And you know what else wants to protect you at all costs? Your subconscious mind.

It’s there, working in the background at all costs to protect you. Even if that means you’re not happy, so what – you’re surviving aren’t you?

But we’re here to tell you it’s all a LIE!


There is no 100% ‘safe’.

Whether we stay doing what we do day in day out or do something completely different.

We could get hurt OR stay safe in either situation.

But here’s the good news…

Since we aren’t generally in life or death situations on a daily basis anymore…

Goals, dreams, etc. reside more on the psychological side of life.

And the worst that can ever really happen is the extent of your own emotional wrath.

It goes something like this….

An action occurs > you have a thought > it creates an emotion

I .e…You fail a goal > you think ‘I’m such a failure’ (and all other kinds of negative thoughts..) > you feel bad.

How about you rewrite the script?


You fail a goal > you congratulate yourself for having the self-awareness to realise the situation because now you can address it and come up with a new plan > you feel good

You MUST rewrite the script!

You have to.

Because this literally is the key to EVERYTHING in life!

You must rewrite the script and rewrite your beliefs to SERVE you.

Because whatever you don’t have in life, you can bet is down to a belief that doesn’t serve you.

You don’t believe you’re athletic, you’re rich, you’re confident…..the list goes on and on…. 

And so, as a consequence…you’re not.

Which is both alarming (I mean the amount of power we actually have over our lives) and completely liberating…

You must pivot and rewrite your beliefs to what you DO want, not keep affirming that which you do not.

So, if nothing else on this glorious day how about taking one action, (no matter how small) towards your goals (and if you’re already on fire with your goals then congrats but keep on pushing further and harder and past your comfort zone because this is where true results and growth reside).

And as a bonus – how about choosing and committing to reaffirming the beliefs that serves your goals every single day?

I am…..

What? What do you choose to be? Who do you choose to be?

YOU get to choose.

And remember…if something in your goal achievement process (or any of your life) makes you feel bad, examine the thought that led to that feeling and begin to rewrite it.

Have a beautiful day.

Lucy & Shanti 🙏🏻


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