money relationship

Your Biggest Money Block Is….Your Relationship with it

You seem to have a negative relationship with money and whatever you have a negative relationship with, in your life can never yield positive results.

Negative beliefs about money are commonly ingrained at childhood and get further reaffirmed by wider society because the majority of people are not wealthy.

Perhaps you experienced financial struggle while you were growing up in which the culprit seemed to be none other than money.

You will most likely have heard people say negative comments about money…such as how money changes people, how that’s all rich people care about, or that money doesn’t make you happy (but how do they know if they’ve never had it?).

But money is simply a tool and it can be used for good or bad, depending on the controller – (that’s you).

We have learned about money from people who are not financially free.

Now is the time to confront those negative beliefs about money that likely aren’t even your own, and begin to question how true they actually are. As you expand your awareness about all of the good money can bring into your life, you will begin to recreate your relationship with money and create more of it in your life.

Affirmations: “money is great” “I love money”
P.S. Don’t only say these affirmations – look for proof of them every day.