Missing Out On Life Because of FEAR

This was me scuba diving on the Great barrier reef, I had to swim down about 10 meters & it was one of the most awe-inspiring experiences I’ve ever had in my life.⁠

I saw fish & colours I’d never seen in my entire life – colours I previously thought were man-made, all types of fluorescent shades, a turtle, a baby shark, we sat on the sand at the bottom of the ocean in the middle of the sea and took pictures.⁠

But I nearly missed out on the whole experience because when I was first trying to breathe under water using the oxygen tank it absolutely terrified me.⁠

Breathing underwater is a very strange thing to get used to especially as you go down deeper & deep into the unknown & you can’t pop your head up quite so easily.⁠

Maybe this experience wouldn’t have scared you like it did me (it didn’t seem to scare any of my friends!).

But the point here is that we all have different fears, and that’s normal – its human, it’s what has allowed us to survive and evolve but never let them hold you back.

Whatever your fears are, don’t let them rob you of life’s experiences, of experiencing the richness of life⁠, of becoming who you were meant to be⁠ or from doing what you came here to do.⁠ 

And don’t be scared to ask for help⁠, sometimes we just need someone to guide and reassure us, to show us we can do this.

– Lucy 🙏🐠⁠

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