About Lucy

...Here to help you break the illusion,
remember who you are & step into your power

Hi, I’m Lucy.

A self-growth junkie, universe obsessed, animal loving plant eater…

And the person who’s gonna help you to shift your mindset and step into your true power

Here is the short version of my long story…and what got me here.

So when I turned sixteen years old two things happened which changed the course of my life.

1) I choose to embark on a career in business which would send me on a wild goose-chase…(I figured out if I could master business then I could break the financial lack and support my family).

2) I got into a relationship with a narcissist which nearly killed me.

….so I did what I was ‘told’…university followed by a post-graduate diploma..a successful career, travel, promotions…on the outside things ‘looked’ great but really on the inside I was a mess.

In the words of Alan Watts “..doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don’t like doing, which is stupid”

I loathed my job and my life.

I wanted nothing more than to be financially free, to support my family, to spend time doing what I enjoyed…I knew on a soul level there was more to life BUT I just couldn’t seem to access it.

I was just stuck (really, unable to see past my own bullshit).

Until one day by what I can only describe as the law of attraction I met Shanti.

(a story for another day)

For the first time I had someone in my life just as crazy about self-growth and the universe…but this time I wasn’t just reading or talking about it…I actually had someone who held me accountable to putting everything I knew into action…(in fact, our early days were quite intense!).

He brought out in me a sense of self-awareness I’d never felt before, he made me realise why I’d been in a relationship with a narcissist (low-self worth among other things)… held me accountable for putting into action everything I had learned from the hundred self-help books I’d read.

For the first time, I began to see my life for what it was – a complete culmination of all of my internal beliefs – I had literally created this life – me! I was holding myself there through my beliefs. I wasn’t the victim. I was creating this!

That was it, I was going to create my life on my terms.

I went all in.

I quit my job.

I was going to do this!

And I wish I could tell you it was happy ever after. But not so much.

I spent the next few years failing – like A LOT!

(although now I realise all failure is growth…so its wasn’t failure as most people perceive it).

It was like a self-growth and business intensive where if I failed I wouldn’t be able to put food on the table.

That’s when I began learning and applying even harder – I read as many books as I could, took as many courses as I could – I spent thousands of hours learning and applying.

And finally…


And I ended up being able to work from home, less hours and making more income than I ever did before.

But the real reward is about who I became and continue to become…a more happier, confident, positive and fulfilled person…which is what happens when you continue to push your boundaries, when you go into the direction of who you know you are supposed to be.

Now I can’t help but share everything I’ve learned with others because I know how life transforming this is, and I also now how stuck and unhappy I was before – and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be stuck in the same situation.

…it’s about helping people to break their boundaries and to step into who they really are…

Because I believe the purpose of life is to remember who we are and to evolve, to grow in consciousness and live in constant expansion so we can become the masters of our own realities and rather than slaves to it.