Learn the 9-step formula to manifesting a life of abundance!

based on the ORIGINAL Law of Attraction teachings

Did you know?
99% Of Law Of Attraction teachings are rooted in the old texts of the EARLY 1900's!
...BUT they've been regurgitated so much THAT KEY PARTS ARE FREQUENTLY MISSED OUT!
It's like being given a jigsaw with HALF OF THE PIECES MISSING!
You CAN'T use the law of attraction without knowing all of the pieces!

Honestly, how well do you know the law of attraction?

- Are you manifesting your desires?
- Do you feel in the 'flow' or against the tide?
-Are you master of your thoughts AND emotions or slave to them?
-How long has it been since you were excited to wake up in the morning?!
- Do you have the life you always wanted or does it always seem just out of reach?
Hint: You only need to look at your level of satisfaction with each part of your life.
If your life is already great then that's fantastic! But this course probably isn't for you.
...On the other hand, if you're still plodding away trying to create the life you want,
but never quite getting 'there'...then we think THIS is what you've been looking for!

Meet William Walker Atkinson…
One of the MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE in this field.

Featured in ‘Who’s Who in America’ & ‘Religious Leaders of America’
Atkinson taught people the law of attraction in the early 1900's!
...Leading the way he hosted workshops, founded a 'mental science' school,
published over 100 books, was editor of several magazines
& became president of the international new thought alliance!
...All in the last 30 years of his life!
But Atkinson only discovered the Law Of Attraction after he suffered a complete breakdown...Finding himself unable to recover through 'traditional' methods,
he applied the principles of The Law Of Attraction.
The result...? He regained his health, mental vigour & financial abundance!
"The universe has a funny way of presenting the right things, at the right time,
when you're ready to receive the teaching".

A Peak at some of Atkinson's Teachings...

You're Constantly Attracting OTHER PEOPLE'S THOUGHTS into YOUR MIND!

Our thought vibrations attract other like-thoughts...that's why, when we're feeling low, we end up with even more negative thoughts - from other negative people...and when we're thinking of success we get more thoughts of success - from the successful people of the world! We can CHOOSE who we want to be in tune with to manifest our desires!


...every time we indulge in a negative emotion it becomes even easier to feel that emotion next time, until it becomes a habit...the results? Firstly, we are constantly manifesting through our 'habits' and secondly, our emotions create chemicals - negative thoughts produce toxic chemicals - we're literally making ourselves sick!


...In order to manifest anything you need to have a high level of 'desire' but fear-based thoughts drastically reduce this level of desire. Every time you complain, blame or worry, you are directly affecting your level of desire. You are diluting it down - and without a high level of desire you can't manifest the things you want!

MOST people are mere PASSIVE PARTICIPANTS of life...

Most people are ignorant to the fact that they spend most of their life acting our of their ‘passive’, subconscious faculties (their ingrained habits), reacting automatically to situations, believing life is 'happening to them' - NOT 'for them'. And so the Law of Attraction obeys their thoughts...
...and only when people MASTER their THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS can they direct the Law of Attraction for their own benefit rather than being governed by it.
These original teachings will show you EVERY single step you need to know
in order to become a deliberate creator​.

So, are you ready to become the master of your llife?

Atkinson's Law of Attraction 9-Part Bundle

Plus BONUS Workbook & 2 FREE Gifts!

Atkinson's work is phenomenal however we just has one qualm with it...
Many parts were very difficult to understand...(it was written over 110 years ago!)
So we’ve done the hard work for you, including:
>Updating the teachings into ‘modern day’ language,
> Structured in 9 simple ebooks
> Each also includes key points, extra commentary & exercises to aid understanding
> Plus a bonus workbook & FREE gifts!

Delivered Instantly

Download #1 - The Law of Attraction

- The Law that rules the universe
- How the Law of Attraction works
- The Power & Effect of your thoughts
- The different rates of vibration
- How we create our own circumstances
The first lesson serves as an introductory text on how the Law of Attraction works in the thought-world. But don't underestimate the basic premise, it tells the Law of Attraction in an aspect that you may have not considered before...

Download #2 - The Mind

- An in-depth look at how your mind works
- The two lines of mental effort that your mind works along
- How to build your mind for positive attraction
- The Law of Mental Control
- The 'habit-mind'
The second lesson offers insight into the depths of your mind and uncovers the secret to the manifestations of nature all around us. It also begins to teach how to build your mind and imparts wisdom on the need to 'slow down' your mental engine.

Download #3- Negative Thoughts

- Understanding fear-based thoughts
- How to become Immune to Injurious Thought Attraction
- How to Transmute Negative Thoughts
- Setting new vibrations in motion
The third lesson teaches why most people fail to manifest - how to recognise fear-based thoughts (which many of us aren't aware of) and importantly, how to transmute them into positive thoughts, setting new vibrations into motion.

Download #4 - Emotions

- Realising that you are the master of your emotions
- How to take control of your emotions to control your manifestations
- How to rid yourself of undesirable emotions
- How to cultivate positive thoughts and feelings
In lesson four you will learn the true nature of your emotions, their origins, how they too easily become habits and how you have the power to change and choose your emotions to literally reinvent yourself.

Download #5 - Five Principles

- The Great Dynamic Forces of Success
- Realising Your Direct Inheritance
- The Missing Ingredient in the Law of Attraction
- The Power Of The Will
- Asserting Life Force
Lesson five offers insight into the successful people of the world, their 'secret' and your missing ingredient as well as the need for you to 'claim your own' before you can hope to manifest anything. It also explores the power of the Will and why you need to assert life force.

Download #6 - Your Hidden Power

- Uncovering and using your personal power
- The power base from which all manifestations proceed from
- The Seven Stages Of Consciousness
- The twin components that work together to create manifestations
Lesson six is a key teaching whereby you uncover your 'Real Self' and thus your true power source from which all of your manifestations proceed. Most teachings give a one-sided aspect on manifestation, this will show you the two components that MUST work together in order to bring about manifestation.

Download #7 - Universal Power

- Where Power Comes From
- How To Draw Upon The Power Of The Cosmos
- Where All Things Proceed From
Lesson seven will show you where all power comes from, and how you can access it in order to bring about manifestations. This lesson along with lesson six will determine your level of ability to manifest.

Download #8 - The Three Formulas

The teachings of the three central doctrines for manifestation:
(1) How to project thought-forms
(2) How to give them substance
(3) How to bring them into reality
Lesson eight teaches the practical details of manifesting your desires through a three step formula taught by the ancient masters. Includes instruction on how to realise the ideal body, mind, condition or environment.

Download #9 - The Master Formula of Attainment

- The ladder of attainment in definite formula of five elements
The last steps necessary to realise your manifestation
Lesson nine completes the Law of Attraction teachings with a five step formula of attainment.

Download #10 Workbook

- 61 page workbook
- Includes all of the pockets of wisdom covered in the book
- Provided in a question and answer style format for easy referencing
The workbook has been designed as something to read through to remind you of the key lessons in the rest of the book. In a question and answer style format.

Free Gifts

- 50 Quotes for daily inspiration
- Emotional frequency scale - see what vibration you are so you can see what you're attracting into your life!
We know that as daily life takes a hold it can be easy to forget to practice the wisdom that you hold. With our vibrational scale you can quickly assess what vibrational state you are (and therefore what you are attracting) while using the quotes book as a daily reminder of the path of manifestation that you are on.

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What others thought...

"I’ve bought numerous courses in the past to help me understand the Law of Attraction but this is by far the best! I’m so glad that I came across these teachings, it has enabled me to understand the Law of Attraction on a deeper level and has enhanced my life in more than one way!"
"This is by far the most comprehensive set of teachings that I have come across, it’s easy to access, easy to understand and written in modern day language without omitting any of the original authors teachings. Importantly, it's broken down into more "realistic" actions and principles that are easy to apply and understand!"

A note from the editors...

"When I first came across William Walker Atkinson’s teachings I was blown away by his intimate knowledge of the Law of Attraction - and it was written over 100 years ago! So much so, it seems much of the knowledge that we know today about the Law of Attraction has in fact been regurgitated from the original writings of leaders such as Atkinson. He even makes statements which are now known as being scientifically true!"

"I was also flabbergasted that his teachings weren’t already commonly known amongst today's society, such as the likes of Napoleon Hill. Well, it turns out he may have been even better known than Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s, even featuring in ‘Who’s Who in America’ & ‘Religious Leaders of America’. "

It is now our intention to bring his teachings into the light after almost 100 years, so that everybody can benefit from his intimate knowledge of the Law of Attraction."
Lucy & Shanti
Quantum Intentions
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