(𝐵𝒮 = 𝐵𝑒𝓁𝒾𝑒𝒻 𝒮𝓎𝓈𝓉𝑒𝓂 😉)

Your beliefs create..
⁠➡️The quality of your relationships
➡️Your financial abundance (or lack)
➡️Your health & wellness⁠
…& every other aspect of your life


As children, we only have two fears;⁠
1) A fear of falling &
2) A fear of loud noises

And by the time we reach adulthood?⁠

We have many so many fears.⁠

But why⁉️⁠

⁠Were we not more vulnerable as babies, as children ⁠then we are as adults?⁠

The ‘why’ is because throughout our lives ⁠we soak up
– what we see and hear⁠
– what we are told⁠
– what we witness⁠

From our parents, our teachers, society..

We learn about ourselves –
– How much we are worth, or ‘how little’⁠
– Our gifts or ‘nuances’
– How to behave in the world⁠
– How money flows in abundance or is ‘scarce⁠’
– How the world is a beautiful place or a ‘dangerous’ one

And then we internalise this as FACT.⁠

Which becomes our beliefs.⁠
Which creates how we think, our perceptions..⁠.
Which creates our actions⁠
Which determines our results

And sometimes we don’t even realise we have ⁠these subconscious beliefs⁠


You can easily see your beliefs, ⁠as well as those around you..

By looking at each area of your life..

Your relationships⁠
Your happiness⁠
Your abundance⁠

↪️ Whether you’re living the life you want, or are stuck⁠⁠

Because the outer is a reflection of the inner -Always.

So if any area of your life is not YET ⁠where you want it..

You can bet it’s down to a subconscious belief that is not serving you.⁠

So, our question to you, are your beliefs serving you or hindering you?⁠

If your beliefs are hindering you, then you need to:⁠
1. Catch them⁠
2. Challenge them⁠
3. Create new beliefs that serve you⁠
4. Keep affirming your new beliefs⁠
& importantly..
5. Take Action that’s aligned with your new beliefs

⁠ 🌟 And your WHOLE life will change. We promise 🌟⁠

REFUSE to settle.
DESIGN the life you want⁠
And then CREATE it.⁠

With love,⁠
-Lucy & Shanti 🙏⁠

P.S. If you’re struggling to reach that next level in your life, we go deep into re-writing your belief systems in our coaching, drop us an email for more info.⁠

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