Is fear of ‘being seen’ holding you back? Here’s what you need to do.

Are you scared to show up in the world?

Chances are, if you’re feeling unfulfilled or feeling like you’ve not reached the success that you know you are capable of, then the answer could just be a yes.

But why are so many people scared to be seen for their true selves?

In most cases, it’s due to a fear of judgement by others.

Like what if we make a huge embarrassment of ourselves and leave ourselves open and vulnerable to others criticisms?

And it’s these criticisms, these judgements that too many people allow to impact their own self-image.

…. if you already struggle with a shaky self-worth (like many people) then another’s opinion of you can take you on an emotional rollercoaster…the embarrassment, the frustration, the upset, the anger…

But herein lays the issue:

You are allowing others opinions of you (good or bad) to affect how you feel about yourself.

But it’s just their opinion. It’s not right or wrong. It just is what it is.

So you can choose to believe it – and make yourself feel all kinds of things…

To give YOUR power away to others judgements…to let them run your life and stop you on your path to greatness.

Or you can choose to ignore them – and instead listen to your own inner wisdom, your truth which is the only truth that matters.

Because in this world you need to be your own cheerleader first.

And this is where the real work starts…using your resources; your thoughts, your voice to build yourself up and NOT put yourself down….

…to realise that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or how successful (or unsuccessful) you are right now.

We are all equal. We are all worth the same.

When you realise this you can act in alignment and from your true base of power.

Life will rearrange itself around you. It will start to treat you how you deserve to be treated.

Instead of you bending to the will of the universe and everyone in it.

Dealing with judgement

Realise that anyone who would ever try to judge you in a negative way or to act like they are somehow superior to you – just like bullies – only do it because they themselves have such low self-esteem that the only way they can find escape and make themselves feel better – is by pretending they are better than you.

This is their outlet. That’s their reality.

And you mustn’t let anyone with this mentality pull you into their reality.

Create your own reality

Get out there.

Live your life like nobody’s watching (because most of the time nobody is – they’re too wrapped up in their own drama!)

…and if someone judges you…

Ask yourself what level of consciousness is that judgement coming from?’

Clearly not a very high one but from one who’s in turmoil.

…From someone who’s in pain… like the person who lashes out in anger because they can’t deal with their emotions.

Realise that any negative judgements about you are not really about you.

They are a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

And as long as they continue to project their negative judgements on to you and others, they will never heal.

You CHOOSE how this impacts you

In reality, the worst such judgments can do is make you feel an undesirable emotion. But they are your emotions, and you decide what you to want to feel, or not feel.

So be you.

Don’t hold on to negativity or let anyone dull your sparkle.

And the more you practice being you – the real you.

The more your self-worth and confidence will naturally grow in the process.

Your true authentic self will ALWAYS win.

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