If there’s one thing I’ve noticed the most amongst clients, it’s this…

(it’s also what I did for a long time)

They don’t trust themselves.
Not fully. Not 100%

And when we don’t trust ourselves it manifests in our lives as unhappiness, boredom and the general feeling that we’re not living life fully.

Take these examples –

You’re working in a job or you’re in a relationship…whatever it is
and you’re NOT happy anymore.

You don’t FEEL happy.

Yet you ignore that feeling, write it off.

You ignore those deep inner feelings – you’re not trusting yourself.

But only when we acknowledge the feelings and thoughts that we’re having can we then begin to change things.

The feelings you have are there for a reason, they’re your compass, always navigating and directing you in the direction to take or not to take.

So let’s say that you’re in a job and you don’t enjoy it – trust that, listen to it.

Ask yourself – what needs to change?

What would working with ease look like? (and you can apply this to any situation).

It might be something smaller like needing to communicate your needs or boundaries more clearly…

Or it might be that you’ve outgrown that job & life is trying to direct you somewhere different but you keep refusing to listen.

And in my experience, when you continually refuse to listen, the universe, your guiding angels, call it what you like takes over to get you back on path and then we experience big shake-ups like..

  • Being let go from a job
  • A relationship being ended
  • A contract being terminated

But really, it’s for your highest good.

The universe is working through you ALL of the time.

But only when you begin trusting yourself and trusting what you’re feeling inside, will you then be guided back on path and back into alignment.

Then life just flows,
there’s less resistance,
and you’re in love with life again.

And as an added bonus it will also be easier to manifest things because you’re manifesting from your heart, your soul, rather than from what the ego-mind wants
– ego wants a new car but soul wants to change careers and impact millions of people.

See the ego-mind is small….that’s why it has to scream & shout so hard
But when we manifest from our hearts and souls, there’s so much more manifestational power behind that.

So, to wrap up, the message I wanted to share is to TRUST yourself, your feelings and your intuition and when you can do that, it guides you back into alignment and back on path.

Have a great week!
And remember – trust yourself 💜

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