How you can use the power of flow to your advantage

Do you often feel tired? Like no matter how much sleep you get, it’s never quite enough?

I used to ALWAYS feel tired.

I’d sleep a lot.

I’d think I must have a deficiency of some sort.

The doctors would tell me I was fine.

I searched and searched for answers.

Every day, feeling low, no energy….lifeless.

The answer was staring me in the face.

I had no energy.


We are made of energy.

And just like any electrical appliance, we too need plugging in!

How do we plug ourselves into more energy?

By doing the things that light us up.

It’s actually pretty simple.

We all have a natural inner guidance system.

When we LIVE by things that light us up we FEEL energised, happy, on top of the world.

And in contrast…

When we go AGAINST our natural flow, when we are out of alignment, life suddenly becomes hard, we are literally sucked of energy.

I guess you could say its natures, or souls way of guiding us to fulfil our actual purpose.

Because when you are aligned in full flow, nothing measures up.

If more people could live like this there would be no need for escapism in drugs and alcohol.

What is flow?

The energy is electrifying.

Your soul feels on fire.

Flow is when you are in complete and utter alignment with your higher self.

There could be a million dollars sitting at the other side of the living room and you would be enjoying your flow too much to even notice it.

Because in flow time stops…

You are only vaguely aware of your surroundings.

All of your worries fade away, they don’t matter anymore.

Flow is your guiding light in the chaos we call life.

It’s there to guide us in every area of our lives…

When you don’t know what decision to make…

…if you’re in the right job

…what career or business you want to do

… if that friends right for you anymore

…if you should stay in your relationship

ALL you have to ask yourself is…does it move you towards flow – alignment, or away from it?

Does it make you feel energised, excited, crazy happy or the opposite?

Find your flow.

What do you get LOST in talking about, writing about, in reading, in watching, in doing?

What will you not shut up about?

What do you drive your partner mad with?

What are all your books about?

Flow is your natural guidance system.

You can spend a lifetime trying to make the right choices, researching things, learning…but it’s all, already inside of you, in your natural state of flow.

All you have to do is align yourself to it.

To do what feels good to you.

But the issue we get confused. We doubt ourselves.

We allow that little voice inside our heads to tell us what we can and can’t do

…we impose limitations on ourselves, on our flow.

So are you willing to feel your flow and go with it? Trust in it? Be it?

To overcome the voices, the beliefs that hold you back, that imprison you?

When you can do this your life will take on a whole new level.

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