How To Protect Your Mental Wellbeing Right Now & Throughout Covid-19

It’s a crazy time in the world right now…

Something is happening that I suppose we’ve never seen in our lifetimes.

And with all of the information circulating in the media, all of the uncertainty, there is a lot of fear out there right now. And this makes it so easy to get wrapped up in worry, stress and anxiety which just isn’t good for us.

So I wanted to share a little bit today about the importance of managing our emotional and mental well-being because it’s so important, especially in a time like this.

We MUST make it a priority.

It must be at the front of our to-do list because it’s so easy to fall into a perpetual cycle of constantly worrying.

Of constantly fearing the possibilities and outcomes of situations that we generally don’t have much control over (which also makes it almost pointless to worry about something we have no control over).

I mean as long as you’re managing and taking the precautions you need to take…then you have to try and let go of the worry and the anxiety as much as you can.

And I know that isn’t easy but it’s important because worry, stress, anxiety all of those emotions don’t do anything good for us.

If anything, stress and anxiety make things worse by compromising our mindset, our emotional state, our immune system.

They comprise all of these things.

So you want to take steps every day to make sure that you’re releasing this, that you’re not building it up day after day.

So below are a few things to think about…

3 tips to protect your mental wellbeing

#1 Reduce the amount of news you watch

Control and monitor how much news you watch and what information you look at that creates you to feel fearful and anxious.

And I understand that it’s good to stay up to date on things to a certain degree, but constantly making yourself watch updates and constantly focusing on stuff that can make you fearful throughout the whole day, every day?

….And then you’re going to sleep, pondering upon it when you sleep…thinking about it first thing in the morning…

It’s not a good cycle.

So you want to start to only check things now and then, make sure that you set yourself a rule that you can’t sit and watch news all day, that you won’t keep checking for updates every hour or so, that you set a time.

Do it. Put it to bed. Done.

And this way you can get on with the day.

You can focus on other things and not constantly be adding to the pool of worry that may exist.

#2 Practice Coping Mechanisms

Another thing that you can do is to start working on your coping mechanisms.

It’s a perfect time to start working on this.

For example, breathing exercises.

I love breathing exercises and I do a lot of diaphragmatic breathing when I feel stressed to release my levels of stress or anxiety or worry.

I take a deep breath in for the count of four, hold for the count of four and then I release for a count of four and slow. It’s as easy as that!

Breathe all the air in, all the air out.

Do this for a couple of minutes and you’ll feel so much more relaxed and it helps to just center and ground yourself, which is so important.

Meditation is another one.

I love meditating, not everyone’s into it but you don’t have to become some kind of zen master when you start meditation.

Think about it like this…

We spend time and effort on our appearance, on the way we look, to relax our bodies, we do the same for education and knowledge.

We try and train the brain to learn and grow but we don’t really rest the mind.

We don’t really make any conscious effort to relax the mind and give it time to rest and settle down.

Even when we go to sleep, the mind isn’t resting.

In actual fact, it’s playing out a load of scenarios and situations.

It’s working through things within your subconscious mind.

So it doesn’t get much time to rest.

So meditating is an action we can take to actually start to allow the mind a break.

It’s not about necessarily not having any thoughts.

It’s just about observing what thoughts are there and letting them flow and not judging them.

To see where your mind goes and wonders and realising that you are not your thoughts – you are the observer and you don’t have to get fully engulfed in every single thought you have.

Add some breathing techniques into that, focus on your breath and it’s such an effective way to deal with stress and anxiety.

It’s also a powerful habit to add into your every day routine.

To have the power to be able to regulate and manage your emotional mindset.

#3 Get your body moving

Another thing we can do is a little bit of exercise.

I love exercising, I know it’s a little bit harder now that you can’t go to the gym so you have to get creative but exercise is great.

Whether you go for a walk, a jog or do some at-home workouts.

You might have to get creative but exercise is so great because stress and anxiety resides within the body.

That’s why we feel tense, anxious…it becomes a physical thing – worry becomes a physical thing.

Not only can it affect your health physically, but it also resides within the body, making you feel tense, stressed and achy.

So do some exercise and release that tension.

And if you add that in, along with working on your mind, you’re starting to take care of each fundamental part of the self.

#4 Practice self-care and do what you enjoy

Small things can go a long way….like taking a nice bath with some candles and some relaxing music or listening to just some of your favourite songs…

Doing the things you enjoy, whether that’s painting, writing, reading…whatever’s therapeutic to you.

Whatever helps you to settle down and helps you to relax.

Just do that and add it into your routine on a daily basis.

Even if it’s only 20 minutes or half an hour.

It doesn’t matter. But it will make all the difference especially in a time like this where it’s so easy to get lost in everything.

Right now its highly important that you center yourself but also if you can start to create daily habits then once everything blows over (which it will eventually – everything passes) then you will have created new and powerful daily routines that will transform your life.

These are the routines that people do and advise to be successful in life, to help reach their greatest version, for maximum productivity and focus because it’s all about MINDSET.

It’s all about preparing the mind and having it at top form and not being compromised by negative thoughts and emotions.

So it’s a great thing to start now while you might have more time on your hands, while we have a big enough reason to do it and through that you will create lifelong habits that will create lasting success in your future.

I guarantee that.

So please all be careful.

Be safe.

Remember, your mental well-being is important, so focus on it and have a great blessed day.



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