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  • What you don’t know about that could cost years of failure
  • How high performers really crush their goals but will rarely (if ever) tell you
  • The 3 fatal traps of goal setting exposed


All of the self-work…the knowledge learned, everything you’ve applied in your life.

And now? Now you’re burning to take it to the next level.

Well, ever heard of the ancient proverb…

‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’.

That’s why we’re so excited to welcome you into Quantum Intentions 🙌🙏

This is our passion. Our mission…

To teach, inspire & show you how to achieve your highest potential.

We will help you to...

Get rid of self-sabotaging beliefs

Teach you techniques to raise your vibration

Get into alignment

Help you let go of resistance
and step into FLOW

Create new beliefs in alignment with who you are

Help you take inspired action

So you can become the
conscious creator of your life

⬇️ For maximum results check out our 1:1 coaching ⬇️

Other things you might 

not your average coaches

About us...

Hi, this is Lucy and Shanti, Twin Flames, Life Coaches and Law Of Attraction practitioners.

Over the past 6+ years we’ve used these techniques to leave our old jobs, pursue our purpose, increase our financial abundance, improve our health and to live in greater happiness & joy.

In the beginning we failed – a lot, a lack of money, working in jobs we hated, struggling to find ‘the one’.

And then through what we can only describe as the Law Of Attraction in action we met (6 years later, Shanti still has me saved in his phone under Lucy Law Of Attraction). And that’s when everything changed…

To cut a long story shorter, we transformed our lives and now it’s our passion to share this with others.

But at first, we weren’t sure how….and so, we pursued courses counselling, life coaching and the Law Of Attraction.

And then we realised, the power is the culmination of life coaching techniques, NLP PLUS the energy work such as the Law of attraction.

It makes for such a powerful combination.

And so Quantum Intentions was reborn.

Read more about us here.

Lucy & Shanti

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