The quicker you get out of your own way – the quicker you succeed…

So you have a desire, a goal, a dream….

You think about it –
Plan it out
You feel so motivated, so inspired,

You tell yourself you CANNOT WAIT to start this –

You dream about the end result

Of achieving this thing

But before you can get started?

You just need to take care of a few things first.

I mean – you have commitments
House chores, errands, ya know, daily livin stuff..
Oh, and you also need to fit a workout in or call that friend back
Take the dog for a walk, look after the family….

And before you know it?

The day – it’s gone

And now you feel tired, energy sapped and you just need to rest.

So you decide to do it tomorrow instead.

Tomorrow comes and well…

First you gotta take care of the ‘important stuff’
So you do the shopping,
Cook, work…

But before you know it

AGAIN the day has gone.

And every day after the same.

Does this sound familiar at all?

I used to tell myself that when – just when I didn’t have to work full time I’d be able to run my successful business.

I mean – I’d have so much more time!

So I left the job.

I was technically jobless, living off savings and bits of freelance work.

I had all of the time in the world to do all of the things I wanted to do

Time to set up my ‘successful business’
Time to go to the gym and get the body I wanted
Time to cook and eat healthy
Time to…..procrastinate

Soon enough I realised it wasn’t my old job holding me back at all, or a lack of time –

It was me.

It hit me like a slap in the face.

It didn’t matter if I had 1 hour a day spare, or 10 hours.
I was still me.

We all tell ourselves stories of what we can or cannot do.

And these stories hold us in the EXACT same place – like a mental prison.

Making us think that we can’t achieve that thing we really want until we’ve done something else first – or got rid of the thing ‘holding us back’.

But it’s a LIE.

It’s not about the circumstances at all.

It’s about you.

And you have so much inside of you – so much wisdom, power, you are here to light up the world in a way that nobody else can.

Just by doing you.

But in order to do that – you must get out of your way – now.
You must prioritise what needs to be prioritised.

And this is how you can start –

Ask yourself….

> What is the ONE thing that would change my life IF I achieved it?
> What ONE thing would impact almost every other area of my life?

For some it might be money
For others it might be health
For others it might be some area of self-growth

For you it might be something completely different.

And then? Do that.
Every single day before anything else gets done.
Make that your priority. 

But first, take the time to contemplate what that ONE thing really is for you. 

-With love, Lucy

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