Get Unstuck

turn what you want into the life that you live.

Waking up to the ring of the alarm, gruelling through work, stressed & exhausted.

Wishing life was different…

Listening to self-growth ‘gurus’ on repeat until you feel so excited – so exhilarated that you can’t help but share it with everyone…

You’re known as the ‘positive thinker’, the go-to person…

But you have a dark secret…

This shit you preach? You can’t get it to work. You’re stuck. Stagnant. And even worse – you feel like a fraud.

I Know Because That Was Me....

 Like the harder you try, the more you fail.

It's okay.

This disconnect Between what you want? & where you are -
Does not have to be where you stay.

Now Imagine the life you want...

  • Waking Up Every Day Excited to get up
  • Having a soulmate or twinflame relationship
  • Doing a career you love so you live each day with purpose & fulfilment
  • Having complete financial abundance to do what you want
  • Feeling healthy & energised every day, ready for the world

That’s the life I created. And that’s why I put this program together, so you can create the life that you want too (without having to struggle for as many years as I did).

This Is Your Time...

time to Take off the shackles...
DESIGN the life you want
& then CREATE it.

Welcome To Total Life Transformation

A personalised coaching experience for those who are ready to ditch being stuck & CREATE LIFE ON THEIR TERMS

  • Design your ideal life so you can begin creating into reality
  • Work through your limiting beliefs keeping you stuck so you can create your life with ease
  • Reconnect with the 'authentic you' so you can live every day with power and purpose
  • Raise your vibration so you can live life in flow
  • Work on your self-love & confidence so that you feel unstoppable
  • Become more aware of your inner self so that you can master your emotional wellbeing
  • Be held accountable to taking the necessary actions that guarantee your success

“Because when you do this, your life will start flowing, you’ll feel fulfilled & liberated, life will feel so exciting and you’ll finally begin to mould life on your own terms..”

…This is where it all starts >>

This Program Is Different...

It combines the two vital elements for change; you & the laws of the universe. Other programs often focus too heavily on one side & sometimes completely missing out one!  But each are inherently linked & when you can master yourself & learn to work with the universe? You’ve just put yourself ahead of 99% of the population…

Self Mastery

Align yourself with the ‘real you’, get clarity on what you really want and then take aligned action as you let go of the subconscious beliefs holding you back and choose new beliefs that support your vision.


Understand how the universe and energy works and how everything in your outer world is a reflection of your inner world so you’re able to work in alignment with the universe to manifest what you want.

That's When Magic Happens

(well not magic, quantum physics).

you’ll feel empowered to handle any adversity &
truly become the master of your own reality.


  • 1. Design it

    Create a powerful vision of WHO you want to be & WHAT you truly want in life so you always know the next step to take.

    You’ll also connect with your driving force to harness the powerful energy that will create your truly desired life.

  • 2. Create it

    Make your vision a reality by working on three key areas; Mindset, Energy & Action.

    Your goals with manifest into reality, while you’ll also:

    > Master your emotional, physical & spiritual wellbeing
    > Connect to source, act from alignment & take inspired action
    > Powerfully harness your energy
    > Feel a greater sense of fulfilment, purpose, calmness & joy
    > Have a tangible sense of growth & progression

  • 3. Live it

    You’ll finish the program having transformed your life- both on the inner & the outer.

    You’ll also have learned the tools & strategies to continue to evolve & live life on your terms as well the ability to overcome life challenges with greater ease.

    You’ll become a conscious creator & be able to create change in your life at will whilst others wonder how you do it.

Who is this for?

  • You've had enough of feeling stuck & unable to move forward
  • You’re ready for change and to live the dreams bursting to get out of you
  • You need help to find and let go of what is blocking you
  • You're ready to take 100% ownership for your life & put the work in

Is this you?

Then, we need to talk because MAGIC & your next level life is waiting for you.

Is this experience for everyone?

Absolutely not. This is for candidates who are ready to assume the driver’s seat in their life and take rapid action.  As such this is not suited for those who are:

  • Unwilling to take 100% ownership for their life Blaming or excuses only serve to keep you stuck. You are the author & creator of your life & as such only you can change your life.
  • Looking for a quick fix - this program requires deep transformational work over a period of time in order to change you at the core so you can create the results you want.
  • Not willing to make changes or take meaningful action - this program is built on you taking action. Each session will be followed by agreed upon action steps to move you forward.

"Stand in your power, live authentically & fearlessly & turn what you want into the life that you live every day."

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Lucy Knight is a transformation coach and a believer in every person’s power to become the master of their own destiny.
After following the societal route of education & a 9-5, she knew this couldn’t be it. After many years unhappy & struggling, she finally was able to meet her twin flame, leave her corporate job, find purpose & set up her own business doing what she loves – creating life on her own terms. Using the same principles, she teaches others how to master their life & create the life they love.

She has completed training in life coaching, level 2 counselling (and from her former life…has a business degree & a post graduate diploma in marketing) she is also currently training in NLP & hypnosis.

“Will you make a different choice today in order to create different future tomorrow?”