Hi, Lucy Shanti here...

Transformation coaches for the soul-led, on mission to empower you to turn what you want into the life that you live every single day.

A little about us...

In our ‘old lives’ we led radically different careers leading up to quantum intentions – Lucy with a degree in business and a postgraduate diploma in marketing was a marketing manager, Shanti worked with vulnerable young people in the care system. 

But we knew for a long time that our real passion was in self-growth, which led us to get qualifications in counselling…however it wasn’t long before we realised life coaching is what we actually wanted to pursue, which is what we did. We are also currently undergoing training in NLP & hypnosis. 

We met over 6 years ago through what we can only describe as the law of attraction. Now we live in the beautiful English countryside (after deciding to escape the city).

Over the years we’ve radically changed our lives from lack and limitation to abundance and true growth – that doesn’t mean our lives are perfect by the way, or that things always work out – but we spend a hell of a lot more time in flow, happiness and expansion than in the downward spiral we used to live in.

But enough about us!

This is about you…

Since you’re here, we’re guessing you’re at the cusp of wanting to step into your next, upgraded reality but perhaps you’re not sure quite how to get there?

Well, that’s what we’re here for…

To share everything we’ve been both trained in but also learned through application, not just in our own lives but also in our clients.

See, here’s some good (and bittersweet) thing.

There are people out there, right NOW living YOUR dream life.

People doing what they love everyday.

People with infinite financial abundance.

People with deep, meaningful relationships.

People travelling the world, giving to charity, doing everything they ever wanted to do!

…whatever your desire, you name it, someone else is already living it.

And if they can do it, so can you!

(If you’re willing to put the work in that is).

So, are you…willing to put the work in?

If so, here’s a few things to get you started…

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Let’s do this! It’s your time! 💜 

Lucy & Shanti