A Personal Story – Manifesting Love Through The Law Of Attraction

Do you know I met Shanti after applying ‘The Master Key System’ (if you haven’t heard of that book it’s basically an old school law of attraction book). ⁠

I didn’t meet him in a sea of positivity either – I was actually pretty down & pissed off that morning. ⁠

But that morning a thought came to me to join a dating site.

Which now I realise⁠ was ‘inspired action’.

Now, I never really liked dating sites (not that there’s anything wrong with them) I just had a limiting belief where I felt embarrassed to do that.⁠

But anyway, I joined one, it was the first one that popped up on google.⁠

After a sea of strange messages, I decided this was NOT the answer and I was just about to delete my account when I got a message.⁠

This message talked about being a life coach and the law of attraction….it was certainly different from the rest & it got my attention. ⁠

Truth be told, I couldn’t even see what he really looked like 🤣but we talked for hours and hours. We just clicked, just like that, from one moment of inspired action my whole life changed forever. ⁠

So, if you’re searching for something, or someone, stay open, keep listening to your intuition & take inspired action.⁠


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